July 23rd: Jim Boy Star Show (Best TV Shows of 2013)

July 27th: Sunday Morning Buffet (Guest: Pianissmo Ajashempix)

August 1st: TV Talk with Rowdy Ross (Should Glee Have Ended at Episode 101/Future of Glee)

August 3rd: Sunday Morning Buffet (Guest: DungeonMaster201)

August 6th: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 4)

August 13th: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 5)

For the past few months, Jim Boy Star and Bill have talked about EVERY pro wrestling album that has come out that were theme songs. The journey continues on this Youtube-Exclusive series.

Youtube Direct Address: www.youtube.com/sunsetflipshowsite (Subscribe to be the first to get updates on the Let's Discuss Series) 

Join us and listen to one after the other. Let's Discuss Pro Wrestling Albums... and start with The Wrestling Album!