Jim Boy Star Podcast (Episode 7)

Title: Kickstart My Heart

Guest Starring: Greg Johnson

Jim is joined by Greg Johnson for the first ever Kickstarter interview.

During this interview, Greg talks about the new features of the new Toejam and Earl game, the possible difficulty settings options, his favorite types of video games, and much more.

Plus, the opening topic is a disclaimer for all other crowd funding projects.

Jim Boy Star encourages you to support Greg Johnson's Kickstarter and he looks forward to a day where he can play the new Toejam and Earl video game.

You can support Greg's Kickstarter by going to this link:


This week on The Scorecard, Bill, Jason and Ted talk about Brock Lesnar and his decision with UFC, our thoughts on the NCAA tournament, the daughter of a college basketball coach says some inappropriate things on Twitter that the media let's get away but not this show and more!!!

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This is the Deathmatch Dinammo first official pod cast, known as Talk Takeover .

It features my two guests Zoog from the band Angelspit and Brian Graupner of the Gothsicles are on to discuss a collaborative project known as hard-core pong and they give all the detail and insight into what the project is, what it's all about and how you can be part of of the project and get some really unique swag along the way.

Plus, as Brian takes us on a super industrial tour of downtown Chicago through the sights and sounds of busy hustling and bustling trains and various street performers, all while discussing the hard-core pong project, followed by getting a deeper connection and feel for the artistic value and appreciation for music and the creative process that Zoog goes through. This is truly a talk takeover. It is crazy chaotic and loads of fun. It is like nothing you've ever heard , but is so good you want to listen to over and over again