November 24th: Gotham Fall Finale LIVE Tweeting and Retro Raw LIVE tweeting

Gotham Fall Finale LIVE tweeting at 8:00pm EST (

Retro Raw LIVE tweeting first show 9:15pm EST (

November 25th: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 10)

November 30th: Once Upon A Time LIVE Tweeting ( at 7:45pm EST

December 1st: Retro Raw LIVE tweeting at 8pm EST ( (Note: This will be an edition of Raw 1999 and will be announced on Jim Boy Star's Twitter account hours before this event)

December 2nd: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 11)

December 7th: Ring of Honor Final Battle 2014 LIVE tweeting with Wrestlingman starting at 7:30pm EST (

December 9th: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 12)

For the past few months, Jim Boy Star and Bill have talked about EVERY pro wrestling album that has come out that were theme songs. The journey continues on this Youtube-Exclusive series.

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Join us and listen to one after the other. Let's Discuss Pro Wrestling Albums... and start with The Wrestling Album!