Jim Boy Star Podcast (Episode 28)

Title: Kelli Crafts and Kickstarter

Guest Starring: Kelli Kathleen

This week, Jim is joined by Kelli Kathleen to talk about her Kickstarter project. During the interview, they also talk about So You Think You Can Dance, Kelli's crafts, Jim's Telestrations experiences, Kelli's decision to choose music over college life, and much more.

Plus, Jim's opening topic focuses on new Lion King information and an apology to the video game community. The 1st Annual Television Draft happens on 9/1/15 and there's plenty of hype for that too.

You can support Kelli Kathleen's project here:


This week on The Scorecard, Bill, Ted and Michael talk about the upcoming college football season along with their picks for who will win the national title.  Plus, Madden 16 and it's player ratings, Curt Schilling says something inappropriate and the greatness that is American Pharoah.  All that and more this week on The Scorecard!!!

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