NOTE: Originally Youtube week was supposed to start on 4/20-4/27 but has been pushed back due to programming comflicts.

Sunset Flip Show is proud to bring you Youtube Week on our Youtube page starting on May 4th to May 11th


TWO New Let's Discuss Pro Wrestling Albums Episodes 

That Wrestling Show (Raw 1000 Special): For the past few months we have had Wrestlingman's top 20 shows. Raw 1000 was such a big show it had to be broken into three parts and will be featured on Youtube Week. Starring: Wrestlingman, Jim Boy Star, Mr. Anonymous, Yolanda, and Erik.

April 20th: Easter Sunday Morning Buffet (Brunch Special)

April 23rd:  Jim Boy Star Show (Best TV shows of 2013 Edition)

April 27th: Sunday Morning Buffet (Awesome-Con Edition)

May 1st: That Wrestling Show (WWE Invasion 2001 Special)

May 4th: Sunday Morning Buffet (Awesome-Con Edition)

May 11th: Sunday Morning Buffet (Raziel Panic from You Shriek)

May 8th: That Wrestling Show (WWE Summerslam 2001 Special)

May 15th: That Wrestling Show (WWE Unforgiven 2001 Special)

May 22nd: That Wrestling Show (WWE No Mercy 2001 Special)

May 29th: That Wrestling Show (WWE Survivor Series 2001 Special)

For the past few months, Jim Boy Star and Bill have talked about EVERY pro wrestling album that has come out that were theme songs. The journey continues on this Youtube-Exclusive series.

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Join us and listen to one after the other. Let's Discuss Pro Wrestling Albums... and start with The Wrestling Album!