On the debut episode of The Score Card, Bill and Jason discuss everything Super Bowl.  We talk about the whole season from the off the field stories to Deflate-gate and what matchups we are each looking forward too.  Also, our predictions and how we should try to get Bill and Katy Perry together!  All that and more on the debut episode of The Score Card!!!

Tomorrow is an exciting new day for everybody at the Sunset Flip Show site.  Tomorrow is the debut of a brand new sports podcast, The Score Card.  What is The Score Card your wondering?  It is a show hosted by me, with two co-hosts where we have a roundtable discussion about stories and events going on in sports. 

The very first episode will be all about the Super Bowl.  Who do we like to win?  What matchups are we looking forward to seeing and how will Katy Perry do at halftime?  The Score Card will have a new episode up each and every Tuesday night.  So be ready for the kind of sports show you've wanted to hear, from the fans.  Be ready for The Score Card!