In the last live show of the year, I recap WWE's TLC pay-per-view from this past Sunday, failed to hype the bejeezus out of the #RingRustTop50YearEndCountdown & Canucklehead it up in this week's 3-Way Dance-Off!


December 16th: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 13)

Decembber 18th: That Wrestling Show (Season Finale)

December 21st: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

December 23rd: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 14)

December 30th: The Tigger Podcast (Episode 15/TTFN)

NOTE: This calendar is pending on upcoming finale dates and will be revised if they conflict with what is mentioned on this calendar.

For the past few months, Jim Boy Star and Bill have talked about EVERY pro wrestling album that has come out that were theme songs. The journey continues on this Youtube-Exclusive series.

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Join us and listen to one after the other. Let's Discuss Pro Wrestling Albums... and start with The Wrestling Album!