After being off, The Scorecard is back!!  Bill, Jason and Ted talk about Duke winning the National Title, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Masters and how one baseball team is on a 55 game road trip.

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Jim Boy Star Podcast (Episode 10)

Title: Diez

Guest Starring: Bill from The Scorecard Podcast

Welcome to the podcast. The original plan has been thrown out the window. Bill joins Jim for a grab bag of topics including: 

Game of Thrones Episodes Leaked
Drake's Album
Ratoncito Perez
The New Inspector Gadget on Netflix
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
PS4's A Dying Light

Don't care about any of those topics? Then you can skip to 31:00 for a first listen to NOW That's What I Call Podcasting 2, which will be released at some point next week as the next episode.