American Ninja Warrior "Northeast Regional Finals" Review

American Ninja Warrior "Northeast Regional Finals" Review

No American has ever completed the legendary course at Mt. Midoriyama. Over fifteen years, more than a thousand people have tried, but only three have ever achieved Total Victory. Now it's time for another season where many Americans are going to give it their all to finish the course. For the first time ever, Mt. Midoriyama has been moved to Las Vegas where some will attempt to be the first ever American Ninja Warrior. We're starting off going from region to region and gathering the best athletes that can be found. In this episode, we're in Miami as the Northeast Regional Finals are going on. Yes, you read that right. The best athletes in the Northeast are competing in Miami to see who is going to move on. I don't understand it either.

The Northeast Regional Finals are set up like this:

You start off on the Quad Steps where you make your way to the Log Grip. If you can hang on to the Log Grip, then you try to cross the Bungee Bridge and then jump off a trampoline onto the Rope Hang. The contestant then makes their way across the Jumping Bars and do the three part Wall Lift. If you can then make it up the Warped Wall, then you can try to get up the Salmon Ladder. If the contestant is successful with the ladder, then they can attempt to cross the Cycle Road. If they finish that, then it's only the Cargo Climb to go until they reach the end of the course.

Here were a few of the notable contestants:

John Strzepek is a man who occasionally does something dangerous and exciting. He gets into a rodeo arena and runs from the bulls. Will that help him during the course? That will remain to be seen. He starts off the course okay then has an easy time with the Bungee Bridge. He didn't have a great job onto the Rope Hang but he made it through. He then takes a big leap but then falls into the water and fails at the Jumping Bars. The Jumping Bars look like they would be very hard to hold onto after a big jump. I imagine that as more contestants are going to try the course, then the Jumping Bars will get even more slick and it'll get even harder.

Another notable contestant is Jamie Rahn who is the legendary Captain NBC. He's here to raise up the ratings from disaster and give the people at home the entertainment that they deserve. There's one problem with Jamie. His costume is one of the worst I've ever seen. He just through on some high socks and some other articles and painted his whole body blue and red. The costume needs a lot of work. Jamie seemed to be doing just as well as John during the first part of the course, but then there was some trouble brewing. He just saw John fall at the Jumping Bars and now he's got to give it a go. He gets as good of a jump off that trampoline as he can but he also falls into the water and is eliminated. Those Jumping Bars look like they will indeed spell disaster for the contestants.

The person who had done the best during the Qualifying Round was Tim Shieff who is a professional Freelancer. He did the best during the Qualifying Round so now he's going to go last in during these Regional Finals. There are a lot of high expectations for Tim so lets see if he can deliver. He gets a great start through the Quad Steps and does fine on the Log Grip. He then came very close to failing on the Bungee Bridge but got up and made it across. He makes his way to the Rope Hang where he again came close to failing. He got a very bad jump but still was able to make it over. It seemed like at that point he kicked it into overdrive and blazed through the rest of the course. He made it up to the end of the course and actually ended up finishing with the fastest time not only during Qualifying, but in the Regional Finals as well.

The Northeast Regional Finals had a lot of great talent and some major disapointments from some contestants. Some people who were favorites to go all the way were the ones who failed at the earliest points. It was a tough competition, but in the end the ones who earned their spot are moving on. Will someone from these Northeast Regional Finals be the first American to reach the top of Mt. Midoriyama? We'll just have to tune in and find out.